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    This League shall be called "The South Wales Junior Cricket League", it's aims being:
    a) To foster cricket amongst juniors outside the school curriculum.
    b) To promote, develop and improve the standard of play among juniors through coaching and to encourage them to play cricket for their local clubs, and in general to keep the game of cricket alive at a local level.
    c) To strive to the best of it's ability to ensure that equitable treatment is given to all with whom it has contact irrespective of gender, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.
    d) To comply with the Child and Vulnerable Persons Policy and implementation procedures set out in the England and Wales Cricket Board Policy in October 2003, and any amendments made to those guidlines from time to time either by that Body or any of its approved successors.
    e) To promote good behaviour in Junior Cricket within the Junior League and clubs and their teams in accordance with the Sports Council for Wales Chwarae Teg Initiative 2001 and any amendments made to those guidelines from time to time either by that Body or any of it's approved successors.
    f) To arrange Representative games, League and K.O. Cup Competitions, at various age levels.
    g) To encourage Junior Cricket Activities.
    h) To pursue sponsorship of the activities of the League.

    The management of the League shall be vested in a Management Committee elected annually at the A.G.M., and consisting of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Assistant Secretary, Life Members, Child Welfare Officer and 10 representatives from within the league, each of whom has voting powers - 5 members to form a quorum. In the event of a ballot being necessary each club represented shall be entitled to one vote. The chairman shall exercise a casting vote if necessary. The Minutes of each Management meeting will be made available to the Junior Organisers of all clubs in the League. The Hon. Secretary and the Chairman have the power to call an emergency meeting of the Management Committee when they see fit. The Management Committee shall meet on such occasions as it may be called together by the Chairman and/or the Hon. Secretary.  Should any member of the management committee fail to attend at least 50% of the scheduled management committee meetings, without reasonable excuse, then they will not be eligible for re-election at the next annual general meeting.
    The Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt.
    Should any question arise affecting matters not provided for in this Constitution, the Management Committee shall have the power to deal with same.

    The Selection Committee shall be as follows:
    The League Chairman and 5 representatives from within the league. The Hon. Secretary, if not elected to this Sub-Committee shall be an ex-officio member with no voting rights. In the event of a ballot being necessary each club represented shall be entitled to vote. The chairman shall exercise a casting vote if necessary. Selection will be on the basis of nominations from each club and/or members of the selection Committee.

    The funds of the League shall be dealt with by, and through, an account with a bank, in the name of the Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and Chairman. All cheques shall be signed by any two of these officials, one of whom must be the Hon. Treasurer. The financial year shall end on the 30th October each year.

    The election of officials shall be made at the A.G.M., which will be held during the last week of November in each year, when each club, together with the officials and members of the Management committee shall be entitled to one vote. This will also apply at a Special General Meeting. A Special General Meeting shall be called if requested by at least five member clubs of which 14 days notice will be given to all member clubs stating the object of the Meeting.

    The following business shall be transacted at the A.G.M.
    a) The accounts of the Hon. Treasurer, duly audited, shall be submitted. A copy of the Balance Sheet shall be forwarded to each club at least 14 days before the A.G.M.
    b) Any proposed alteration or revision of the Rules must be submitted at least 28 days before the A.G.M. to the Hon. Secretary, who will then circulate any such proposals to all Clubs and parties eligible to vote, at least 14 days before the A.G.M. No alteration or revision of the rules shall be made without the consent of the majority of those present and voting at the A.G.M.
    c) Nominations properly proposed and seconded for President, Officers, Auditor, Management Committee and Selection Sub-Committee should be submitted to the Hon. Secretary no later than 21 days before the A.G.M. but all existing officers shall be eligible for election without being nominated. Only in the event of a short fall in nominations being apparent at the A.G.M. may nominations be accepted on the night.
    d) Admission of New Clubs to membership will be granted at the Annual General Meeting with the approval of a majority of those present and voting.
    e) Any club withdrawing from the League will receive no automatic right to re-admission. Any application would be vetted by the Management Committee who would need to be satisfied of that club's commitment prior to recommending to the A.G.M.
    F) Any club not represented at the A.G.M. will be liable to a fine of 30.

  10.   Clubs failing to attend two successive Annual General Meetings will be required to attend the next Management Committee Meeting to give reasons as to why they should not be further sanctioned.  This may include expulsion from the league.


    All clubs elected to membership of the League at the A.G.M. must pay their annual subscription fee of 15.00 by 1st May whether they withdraw or not. Failure to pay by the date will result in a fine of 10.00 per month for each month or part of overdue, at the discretion of the Management Committee.  Any club that withdraws and fails to pay the annual subscription fee and/or fines must pay any outstanding monies before being allowed back into membership.

    Each Club in membership must send to the Hon. Assistant Secretary by the 31st January each year, a competition entry form together with the names and addresses, telephone numbers (business and home), of their Junior Organiser and deputy(ies), together with details of home grounds on which all HOME games must be played for inclusion in the handbook.
  14.   Failure by clubs to return the forms in time could result in their non inclusion in various competitions.


  15. AWARDS
    All League Trophies presented to Clubs, which must be signed for on acceptance, must be returned to the Management Committee by 30th June of the following season in good condition. Failure to comply with this will result in the levy of a fine of 10.00 per trophy per calendar month or part thereof together with the recharge of any costs incurred in the collection of such trophies and the recovery of any costs for repairs required to trophies.

    a) All clubs must participate in the Annual Junior Draw by remitting a prescribed sum, to be decided by the Management Committee from the sale of tickets. All sales over and above this sum will be entirely on behalf of the individual clubs.
    b) All clubs will be allocated Handbooks for which they will be charged.

    Admission to League competitions will be granted by the Management Committee after giving due consideration to the organisation of competitions and the number of clubs participating.
    a) Competitions will be organised at various age groups as approved at the Annual General Meeting by a majority of those present and voting.
    b) Cup Competitions will be open to all clubs in membership.
    c) League competitions shall be organised on a zonal basis with whenever possible eight clubs in each zone. There shall be as many zones as the number of participating clubs warrant.
    d) Any new club wishing to enter a League competition may have to remain on a reserve list until such time that there is a vacancy or a new zone is formed.
    e) Clubs guilty of non-fulfilment of two or more fixtures at any age group may be excluded from competition in the following season.

    Clubs entering Competitions run by the League must pay an annual entrance fee of 6.00 per League Competition, and 3.00 per Cup Competition. Payment must be received no later than 1st May of the operable playing season. Clubs are deemed to have been admitted to a competition when their entry forms are received and accepted by the Management Committee.

    Clubs failing to reply to correspondence within 14 days shall be fined 5.00 at the discretion of the Management Committee.

Rules 13-23    Competition Rules

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